It’s all fun and games until police knock on your door.  Strangely, everyone who plays this particular game are reduced to sniveling crying babies the second they get caught.

The ‘Knockout Game,’ is the stupid idea where a player chooses a victim at random and tries to knock them out in a single punch.  In the age of social media and smartphones, most of the assaults are caught on film and promptly uploaded to social media.

So, the story goes: a 66-year-old man was ambushed by four teens while he was walking outside his home.  As one filmed and another distracted him, another idiot snuck up from behind and clocked him on the head.  The attacker then pushes the struggling man into the street as the rest of his friends laugh.

The victim said he only suffered a minor headache and probably further disappointment in the younger generation, but didn’t press any charges

However, the kids still got caught.  Thanks to the powers of social media, teachers of Hartford High School quickly learned of the video and alerted authorities – who came knocking at the ringleader’s door.

According to Fox61, the kid who threw the punch has an extensive criminal record.  When police questioned him about the video, he began lying that the victim was striking karate poses and TRYING to fight them.

However, once they flashed the video, the attacker dropped his tough guy act and indulged in a fresh round of tears and crying for mommy.

The “tough guy” shtick is utterly fascinating.  It’s, like, the people who use it as a crutch totally freak out when it doesn’t work in their favor or get them their way.  They honestly don’t know what to do when it fails and they turn into a panicked child.  It’s the most awesome form of instant karma the world has to offer.

It’s no wonder why all the players of the “knockout” games are actually the biggest cowards you’ll ever meet.  If this is how someone tries to prove that they’re not to be messed with – by sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim and clobbering them – then they definitely have some issues that only a stint in jail or hours of hard labor can cure.

Anyways, because the kid is a known nuisance – chances of him getting some ‘behind bars’ rehab are looking pretty good.  No word if his little “yes man” friends will also have their day in court.

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