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Hartford- Beer

When people think of Connecticut many think first of our capital. The same goes for alcohol and beer. For non-Nutmegers Hartford is probably the first introduction to this wonderful state similar to that first sip of alcohol you took from your dad’s beer so many years ago.


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Greenwich- Scotch

Picture your grandfather sitting in a study in a huge leather chair. The room is dimly lite by a single lamp and a roaring fire in the fireplace. He takes a break from reading his novel and grabs his drink from the end table. What is he drinking? Scotch. And where is his study? Greenwich, of course.


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Bridgeport- Whiskey

A blue-collar drink for a blue-collar city. Throughout history Bridgeport has been an industrial center with more than 500 factories by 1930. Today some of the city’s top employers are Derecktor Shipyards and Lacey Manufacturing.


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New Haven- Gin (and Juice?)

I’d have to say that Snoop Dogg put it best. “Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice; Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” There ya go. That’s New Haven in a nutshell. Snoop should have just filmed that music video in New Haven.


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Westport- Wine

Westport likes the finer things in life. Those with that acquired taste enjoy all Westport has to offer including the Westport Fine Arts Festival, the Music Theatre of Connecticut, and the Westport Country Playhouse. Also Westport was once the home of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Enough said.


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Storrs- All of the Above (and more!)

Storrs is home to our state’s flagship university, a place of higher learning and higher BACs. It is impossible to categorize this town as a single type of alcohol. As a part-time resident of this town let me tell you Storrs does not discriminate when it comes to alcohol. When the weekend rolls around (or that slow Tuesday afternoon) anything and everything is fair game.


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