Connecticut is about to get a lot roomier.

People have been getting the hell out of our state as fast as they can for some time now. Businesses are leaving. Millenials want nothing to do with us. Our major cities are seeing nationally significant population loss. Even the marine life is fleeing. It’s basically a mass exodus.

And the latest news is that we shouldn’t expect that to change any time soon. If Connecticut has seemed a little lonely to you lately, it may be because not only have a ton of people left already but even more are planning to do so.

According to the CT Post, a survey from the Connecticut Economic Resource Center found that 4 out of every 10 Connecticut residents said they are likely to move out of Connecticut in the next six months. Oh boy.

There’s a lot of reasons this is bad, but the end all reason is the most obvious one: Money.

Our state sucks at figuring out how to spend within its limits. They set a budget, then light it on fire and spend whatever the hell they want to. If you pay your own bills, you can probably see why that might be a serious problem.

But that problem gets serious-er when you just don’t have any income coming in. And that’s the issue Connecticut is going to run into if this keeps up. People who are already here want to get the hell out. People who could come here to replace them really, really don’t want to. At the end of the day, that’s fewer people owning property, pulling in a salary, and, duh, paying taxes on those things.

So while it might be nice to see a little less traffic on the highways and not have to worry about long lines at the grocery store, there’s a tipping point to how many people our state can lose. And we might be approaching a point that we literally cannot afford.

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