Tonight is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC. If you watch the show or have read The Walking Dead comics you know that the story takes place mostly in and around Atlanta, GA. Our zombie apocalypse friends find themselves in various locations that seem to be safe initially until everything goes wrong and they need to find a new home base. Whether it be the farmhouse, the prison, or Alexandria. There is always a goal of finding a safe zone to set up camp and get away from those deadly walkers.

If The Walking Dead were to take place here in Connecticut you would need to immediately find a location that would provide shelter and safety from the flesh eating monsters that would be lurking alongside The Merritt parkway.

The safest most obvious place in my opinion would be The Stamford Town Center.

Here’s why…

  • It’s like 9 stories high. If there is one thing those zombies are terrible at it’s climbing to high places.
  • It would be perfect immediately following the outbreak since it has pretty much all the essentials in every store that you would loot to survive.
  • The restaurants alone would give you food options for months.
  • Stamford is far enough away from New York City that you would avoid all the people evacuating NYC. Westchester and Long Island look out. Both would be a mess. Stamford would be fine.
  • There are so many places to hide in that building. Bathrooms, food court, parking garage, all the stores. You could be the most hidden.
  • Fairfield County has an abundance of resources. Eventually you would have to set out on supplies trips. Think of all those mansions in and around Stamford. You’d be in looting heaven.
  • You’re close to the water. Besides climbing, the other biggest zombie weakness is water. So many boats and yachts on that Stamford waterfront for you to escape on if you had to.

I’m sure there are many other locations in Connecticut that you could argue would be the perfect safe zone if (or when) the zombie apocalypse ever does come.

Where would be your ideal safe zone location?


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