Single people of Connecticut, it’s almost here… You might have already seen screenshots all over the web. The UK has it. Australia has it. And next month, it’ll be available here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

What is “it”?

Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus is a “premium” (queue eye rolling) version of Tinder’s service, which offers features like an Undo button for errant swipes and a Passport option for searching outside your current geographic region. Oh, and it will also cost you close to 7 bucks a month to use.

Tinder says that Plus is not yet being enabled for end users in the U.S. at this time – and the app’s update text descriptions will be edited to reflect this. Instead, the dating app says its U.S. launch is still on track for a mid-to-late March time frame.

Will people be into this? I mean, I guess one bonus of Tinder Plus is that it (in theory) would make it easier to change your location to set up booty calls if you travel a bunch for work. But, what if you’re average looking or just a gross pig? Would that help a schlub like me? Or completely ruin any chance I had of sweet-talking an above average looking woman into getting naked with me?

On the one hand, women have only X number of matches they are allowed to have in Y number of time. If they know they are running out of swipes/time, they could settle for less attractive men just so they don’t waste their time or swipes (YAY!) On the other hand, women (and everyone using any form of Internet dating site) is incredibly fickle and shallow, so I’m probably screwed.

Regardless, who am I to resist? I’m sure I’ll download this the day it comes out, curse myself, and end up using it anyway.

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