If you watched ESPN in the 1990’s, chances are you saw the infomercials for Tom Emanski’s baseball instructional videos. No? Let me refresh your memory…



Who could forget Fred McGriff’s dry endorsement at the end? The one where he emphatically points at the end is even better! Apparently McGriff didn’t watch Emanski’s videos seeing he had 167 errors in his career.

Anyway, the MLB Fan Cave posted a video last week of a parody song that would make Weird Al Yankovic jealous. They sampled Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy” and made a parody about the famous instructional videos.



Now whenever you hear the real song, you’ll be singing, “Tom Eman-ski, taught me how to throw / I learned the basics / from the 90’s video.”

You’re welcome.


Source: Bleacher Report | Photo Credit: PR Photos

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