There’s snow on the ground today, the traffic surrounding New York City is only getting worse, and we are now in the home stretch where tensions run high – just four days to go until Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Because it’s so close to Connecticut this year, many of our friends and neighbors are going to actually be in attendance. But without a home team to root for (or the cash to get a ticket), I say “F that noise! I’m staying inside and watching it on my super high definition TV like a normal person.”

If you’re like me (and by process of mathematics, you absolutely are), you won’t have the option to go to a concession stand during a media timeout – you have to have the food already in your house, or have it delivered (but don’t have it delivered ’cause that’s just a dick move – delivery guys wanna watch the game just as much as you do). I’m not saying you have to make all the food yourself, but you at least need it in advance. So the eternal question is what to get?

We’ll start our quest with the most popular game day items and work from there:


What would a football game be without copious amounts of alcohol? A terrible time if you ask me.

Weed Ale

Where: Brewed locally in Bloomfield – found statewide

Why: Firstly – the name. How can you resist a beer whose entire campaign is based on “Trying Legal Weed”? You can’t. Also, it’s actually really good. They have one variety right now, an amber ale, but it’s got a lighter body to it than traditional ambers without being particularly hoppy, so you can consume several of them over the course of the game. Plus any new beer startup in Connecticut is worth helping out.



Potato or tortilla, you can’t go wrong. And the dip is actually the most important part of the chip.

Deep River Chips of Old Lyme

Where: Go to literally any deli

Why: Because they have some amazing flavors for the potato chips – Sweet Maui Onion, New York Spicy Dill Pickle, Aged Cheddar Horseradish. And they do tortilla and popcorn too.



A no-brainer for the Super Bowl

Pepe’s Pizzeria

Where: New Haven, Fairfield, Manchester, Mohegan Sun, Danbury, West Hartford

Why: Because they invented it, that’s why.



WTF? I’ve literally never had soup while watching the Super Bowl – and I’ve never met anyone in my entire life that has. It’s not even a party food – this is a stupid item to include. I’m gonna call an audible (hey – a football term!) and amend this to:


Now…that’s much, MUCH better. And makes way more sense. Come on, soup? Gimme a break.

Chili Bomb

Where: Fairfield

Why: These guys have it figured out. You create the chili you want, the way you want it – start with a meat and a spice level, what it goes on top of (Mac and cheese! Fries!! Spaghetti?!?), then cheese, and a ton of fixins! Glorious.



This is probably the most debatable of all the items to be served up during the big game. You could go with Wings Over (Bristol, West Hartford, Newington, New Haven, Storrs) or Buffalo Wild Wings (everywhere), but since this is my list and I call the shots, I’m going with:

Archie Moore’s

Where: New Haven, Fairfield, Milford, Wallingford, Derby

Why: They routinely win awards year after year after year for having the best wings in the state. I generally find them to use bigger legs and wings than most other wing places, but, for me, it’s the crispiness of the wing long before they ever hit the sauce. That’s what does it for me.



Hold on a second – what?!? Yes – vegetables are actually the single most popular item consumed on Super Bowl Sunday – 27% of people will eat at least one vegetable this Sunday. In other words, the celery and carrot sticks that come with wings, or the tomatoes that come in salsa for chips – all of these technically count towards vegetables. However, if you’re a foodie and wanna make your own, you have your supermarket, your own supply, or…

Go to a Farmers Market

Where: Yes it’s Winter, so there’s not many, but there are some in Guilford, Storrs, New Britain, Stonington, Coventry, and Ellington.

Why: Because you should. And you know that you should.


As for the rest (or what I missed), I leave it to you. Post your favorites so we can do it all again next year!

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