With Halloween right around the corner it is time for various websites to publish their articles describing in detail why Candy Corn sucks. I say thee nay! Candy Corn is not the candy we deserved but the candy we needed. Reliable, faithful and always present. Here are just a few reasons why Candy Corn is great.

-You can use Candy Corn to make impromptu fangs
-It takes forever to go bad so when summer hits you can relive fond memories of Halloween
-It was created in the 1880s and is still around!
-It is so good it has Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day variants
-25 million pound are sold annually. That’s a lot for a candy that no one supposedly likes. That’s enough to circle the earth 4 and 1/4 times.
-The serving size of 22 pieces is only 140 calories with no fat!
-Even Oreo has honored Candy Corn with a special edition cookie.

If, in the face of all this evidence, you still hate Candy Corn there is nothing I can do for you. You are obviously a terrible person who hates puppies and children as well as sweet, delicious Candy Corn.

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