To be a Met fan in general is not an easy thing.  To be a Met fan in Connecticut might just be the hardest thing ever. We’re in the shadow of one of the most storied rivalries in sports. Yankees vs Red Sox. You never escape the taunts of our crosstown rivals and their 27 World Series. Then there is the recent success of the BoSox with their World Series wins. It’s still pretty easy to shut down a Boston fan by reminding them of the 1986 World Series. As a Met fan here in Connecticut living near the Munson/Nixon Line it can get frustrating at times. Just look at these charts…..

According to the New York Times the Mets aren’t even the favorite team in Queens! Where they play all their games!

When a big dust up between the Yanks and Sox dominates the baseball news cycle it make me so happy to be a Met fan. At the same time it also upsets me that a stupid fight, which ruins the game in my opinion, is overshadowing the best team in baseball right now.

Urban Dictionary defines Met Fans as – “A mental illness frequently suffered by baseball fans from Brooklyn and Queens, NY, with symptoms include draping oneself in blue and orange, having delusions of winning the world series and the most frequent and dangerous symptom, choking in the month of September.”

Being a Met fan is about love of the game and real New York Baseball.  Met fans have no sense of entitlement like the Yankees or Red Sox.  The eternal hope that comes with a new season of Met baseball is a wonderful feeling. Victory is much sweeter when it happens only once in a while. With all that heartache that was endured was there anything better than the Miracle Mets in ’69? Or the ’86 team that the loved to party and everyone loved to hate? No way.

Let’s not forget Mr. Met and the best baseball song out there “Meet the Mets”

While the season is still early and there is certainly a lot of baseball left to play the Mets are riding high with the best record in baseball right now. They are the talk of the league. Let’s hope that continues through the summer and into the fall. Here’s to the 2018 season of Mets Baseball! From a true Connecticut Met Fan.


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