Inner Circle: Mayor Erin Stewart

Inner Circle: Mayor Erin Stewart
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Inner Circle Definition: If this person were not famous or notorious would this be a person that you would call a good friend?  Inner Circle is someone that you can easily drunk text at four o’clock in the morning and they will make fun of you the next day for being a wasted fool.  Members of your Inner Circle don’t have to knock on your front door, they just let themselves in- then go into your fridge without asking.  They are your best friends, the ones you trust- the ones that laugh at you when you’re down, then help you get up.

Erin Stewart is 26-years-old… and the mayor of New Britain, Connecticut.  Newly elected, she was sworn into office this past Tuesday.  She is the youngest mayor of New Britain- and only the second woman.  But the big question is- Would she be in our Inner Circle?

Mayor Erin’s Facebook page is a lot different from mine.  There’s no pictures of her dressed as a Karate Master in booty shorts, or pictures of her chugging a glass of (most likely boxed) wine… Instead, there are pictures of her dressed in suits and status updates that promise to take care for the residents of New Britain.  Under normal circumstances, it would seem as though Erin wouldn’t fall into my “Inner Circle”- She doesn’t seem to be a hot mess at all (which I’ve found to be a key component of my besties)- but when I had the opportunity to speak with her personally, it turns out- she’s pretty cool.

She’s not the mayor because she thinks it’s a fun title- She’s the mayor because she really cares about her town.  She’s carrying on the legacy of her Dad who was also the town’s mayor.  She’s got her stuff together.  She has an outgoing personality, she’s bubbly, happy- and knows what she’s talking about…

And even though she seemed “very business” I can tell she would be an excellent Beer Pong partner.  I have no reason to think that besides the fact that she just felt cool.  Does that make sense?  Ever talk to someone for the first time and click?  I kinda felt that with her.  You know what I’m talking about- Someone that normally you would have nothing in common- but there’s something about them that you immediately like? I had that feeling with her.

One of her best friends is a funeral director- She pointed out to me how hard it will be to go out to meet guys when you happen to be the mayor and your wing-girl is a funeral director.  Can you imagine that? The Mayor and a funeral director walk into a bar… I’m not going to lie, I kinda want to be part of that outing.  Just so I can go up to lost looking guys at the bar and say “Hey, would you hook up with the Mayor?”-

She’s not out of touch with the youth, she knows all the celebrity news and can speak intellectually about Justin Bieber (no easy feat) all while conducting herself in a professional manner.  I bet she’s that friend that always has the good advice, doesn’t get drunk often- but when she does, she’s a party.  She is certainly someone I would like to be part of my Inner Circle- and I wish her the best in her political career.  I’m relatively sure that she won’t be admitting to taking crack like some other city mayors… (Note: Mayor Rob Ford-  Not in my Inner Circle)



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