I am all for making life slightly more difficult for those who park like idiots.  I’m talking about the people who knowingly take up more than one parking spot.

No, there is no excuse for this.  Plain and simple: if you do this, you’re a moron and everyone hates you.

Because, somehow, there’s people who want to park close enough to wherever they’re going but not worry about a damaged paint job.  In short: they’re spoiled.  They’re entitled.   Also, they have no regard for anyone except themselves.

They represent the utter worst of humanity and deserve all my contempt.

So, if we ever come across someone who parks like an idiot, we have an instinctual urge to mercilessly hate them.  Sometimes, it’s too the point we fantasize and borderline pray that someone keys their car.

To which, I say, they deserve whatever karma that naturally comes from parking like a buffoon.

It doesn’t matter if its a Honda Accord or Rolls Royce.   None shall break the sacred parking lot laws.  Or, they’ll face the consequences.

Look, if you don’t want anyone near your car, then park it far enough away from everyone.  People will understand what you’re trying to convey when they see an immaculate and expensive car parked way out yonder.

So what if you have to walk a little bit more?  It’s basically the safest thing anyone can do with a car they don’t want to see harmed.  People respect that.

They won’t, however, respect an expensive car that is hogging multiple spaces and, therefore, making life more difficult for them.  They just won’t.  And then they see red and sometimes let their emotions take charge.  Kinda like this:

Image result for eye twitch disgust gif

And, sometimes, they act upon those emotions.  Sometimes, their revenge is a work of art.

Like this video right here.  Do you wish more people did that to those who park in multiple spots?  Because I sure do.


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