We live in a new era of scams.  Scammers are a lot smarter and craftier.  They also started duping more people as of late, which is why the IRS issued a dire warning.

Republican American reports that scammers really hit their IRS scams hard around this time of year.  People finally finished filing their taxes and received a return.  However, this is normally the time of year when the IRS reaches out to some taxpayers if they have questions.

This also is the time of year where people need to pay their penalties, too.

So, scammers take advantage of that and try to make a quick buck by deploying their specialized set of fear tactics.  They target small businesses and the elderly, mostly.  But, anyone is fair game with these scams.

These tricksters will either call or email a potential victim.  They will immediately put their intended victim on the defensive.

They tell the victim that he or she owes the IRS a considerable amount of money and will demand immediate payment.  The scammer will also threaten their intended victim with jail time or other extreme consequences.

They might also threaten certain victims with deportation or a termination of their driver’s license.

The scammer will then instruct the victim to have their credit card ready and to call a special number for payment processing.

This is where the IRS says you need to hang up and report the caller or robo-call to police.  That’s because the IRS doesn’t demand immediate payment and says, by law, they must give taxpayers an ability to appeal the claim.

The agency also won’t call those who need to make a payment, but instead initiate the request by mail.  However, you may give the IRS permission to contact you by phone.  So, if you haven’t and receive a scam call, hang up.  This also goes for email claims, too.

If you receive an email, delete it and don’t click on any links because they could infect your computer.

Also, the IRS does not have the power to deport, arrest, or cancel a driver’s license.  So, if you hear the drivel of these so-called “consequences,” know the threat holds as much weight as a fart in a desert.  It’s just added hot air.

However, some scams go a step above and have a person physically contact you by knocking on your door.  In a case of that happening, they must have 2 forms of I.D. on them.  All government officials must carry a pocket commission and an HSPD-12 card.  So, ask to see them before letting a stranger into your home.

It also might do you some good to Google what they look like beforehand.

So, there you have it.  Scammers capitalize on threatening and bullying people to skim some of their hard-earned cash.  Don’t fall for it.

And be a snitch.  The government LOVES it when you snitch on these guys.

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