That there’s still such a thing as “dry town” outside of the state of Utah in the year 2014 isn’t just mind blowing to me, it’s also an insult to taxpayers that happen to live in whatever town that may be. Like for instance, having grown up in the North Shore of Massachusetts, it never ceased to amaze me that one couldn’t enjoy an ice cold beer with a lobster roll, while sitting at an open air restaurant in Gloucester. I mean, have any of you ever BEEN to Gloucester? It’s a fishing town. As in, IT’S FULL OF FISHERMEN. And do you know what fishermen do when they’re not fishing?


Made no sense whatsoever.

Thankfully, they repealed that Puritanical bullshit within the last ten years, so now one can go to that little seaside paradise, and get blind drunk like a REAL American.

Well, much like Gloucester, MA, Bridgewater Connecticut could soon be one of the last “dry towns” in New England to go bye-bye.

A referendum in Bridgewater is scheduled for Feb. 25 to decide whether the town will continue to ban all alcohol sales or allow them in restaurants. If voters choose the second option, they will end Prohibition in town 81 years after the repeal of the 18th Amendment allowed alcohol sales to resume nationwide.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’ve actually stepped foot inside the borders of Bridgewater, but, I can’t imagine that the town is filled with so many busy body, pain in the ass olds that this doesn’t actually pass. So, on behalf of all the residents, allow me to prematurely celebrate with one of Homer Simpson’s finest quotes.


[youtube_sc url=”hUVwR0rw5fk”]


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