Let’s face it: Connecticut is complicated as it is confusing.  This state has collected so many reputations over the years that it’s amazing we aren’t having an identity crisis.   So whenever a new opinion poll or study hits the press, everyone holds their collective breath to see if we have been redeemed or have descended further into chaos.

Today, thankfully, is a relatively positive story about Connecticut’s charitable side.  Win win, right?  Turns out we have a pretty big heart when it comes to helping those in need.

Well, that’s according to Wallethub.  Who knows how scientific their “research” is… but we’ll take it.

WFSB reports that out of all 50 states, Connecticut leads in the top 20, making 16th overall in 2016.   Ranking is decided by amount of volunteers, percentage of population that donates time/money, and average charity contribution.

Connecticut ranked 14th in terms of volunteer rank, but its giving rank was a little on the embarrassing side by arriving in the middle of the pack this year at 26th place.   Still, when compared to the rest of New England, Connecticut was the 2nd most charitable.  New Hampshire was our only neighboring state to achieve a better score, with was 7th overall this year.

But, this is where the good news sorta stops.  Turns out Connecticut had a relative fall from grace from last year.  In 2015, we ranked 11th overall.  Wallethub nor WFSB offered any insight as to why this is, but CT Boom can certainly guess.

All the money that we would have happily given to charity has, most likely, been sucked dry by our government.  In addition, people are working longer hours in 2016 so the population probably doesn’t have the luxury of spending an hour or two a week doing things for the greater good.

In all honesty, I’ve become way more miserly now that I entered the homeowner’s club.  Pair that with utilities, gas, groceries, and other necessities, I am less likely to drop cash on myself, let alone charity.

But, maybe I should spare a buck here or there.  No matter how tight my budget is, I know there’s people who have it way worse.  Studies have shown that giving to charity not only benefits the recipient, but also the giver!  Giving to charity is proven to be very good for your health!

So, in a way, you are saving yourself money by not dropping it on a doctor’s visit.

So, let’s do this, Connecticut!  Let’s make the top 10 next year!

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