It’s the one thing I’ve craved since I was a teenager.  The fabled White Christmas.  For years, I dreamed of throwing open the curtains to see powdery white snow falling from the sky on Christmas mornings.  And, for years, I woke up disappointed.

This year, however, might be different.  It might be the one to break the dry spell.  Finally, after years of waiting, we have a real shot at a White Christmas.  Yes!  No more “will it or won’t it” forecasts.

Darien Daily Voice says the chances of seeing some white stuff on the ground are good.  A stormy system makes way toward our state on and after December 25th.  But, whether we see snow or rain all depends on a cold front.

Yes, a wet Christmas is in the forecast.  Good to know in case you plan on driving or flying over the holidays.   Travel around this time will certainly be messy.  So, better add some extra time into your commute because you’ll definitely need it.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Paul Pastelok predicts:

“At this time, we think that rain is most likely for much of the mid-Atlantic to southern New England with the storm(s) spanning Dec. 24 to 28.  However, as cold air sinks southward, some snow and ice are likely from parts of northern New England to the Ohio Valley and southern Plains.”

Fingers crossed that temperatures will hit on or below the freezing mark to make our Christmas extra magical.  Connecticut hasn’t seen a White Christmas since 2009, but that was only a dusting.

If you really want to go back to when we last had a REAL White Christmas, that’s back in 2002.  So, yeah, we haven’t seen snow on the ground on Christmas Day in 15 years.  It’s time to buck the trend, don’t you say?

Central Park’s records say they’ve seen snow on the ground 18 times during the holidays since 1912.  Mathematically speaking, that means we see an average of six years go by between each White Christmas.

So, pray for colder weather and stock up on your firewood.  We finally may need it this Christmas!

Do you want a White Christmas or are you hoping for another freak 60 degree day, like back in 2015?

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