See that lonely kid in the above picture? That’s us – an entire state just left on the bench.

Russell Athletic has introduced a new jersey for the Little League World Series. Instead of just naming the region, they’re including in the new, modern design, the names of all the states included within that region.

Except, it appears, Connecticut.

We’re in the New England region. And I definitely do not see us on this jersey (unfortunately, this is the largest image I could find):


Now it could just be that I have a terrible computer. Or poor vision. Or both.

But I can clearly see Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and even Massachusetts (I mean we’ve even got fewer letters in our name!) – there appears to be a section where we’d be listed, right above where Massachusetts is…but there’s definitely no “Connecticut” there.

I’ve been staring at this all morning, and I cannot see the name “Connecticut” at all.

Can you?

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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