Despite its faults, Connecticut has one thing going for it.  Turns out Connecticut ranked among the top 10 safest states in America.

Then again, the study did come from the possibly-fake news website Wallethub.  But, hey, we’ll take whatever positive accolades we can get at this point.  We just need some good news after dealing with nonstop news about our budget crisis.  Also the weatherTicks and mosquitoes, too.

And now tolls.  Joy

Okay, let’s swing back into positivity mode over here.  Because we all could use it right about now.

So, Newtown Daily Voice reports that CT didn’t make the top 5 this year.  Although, coming in 7th ain’t so bad of an accomplishment considering we’re home to some of the nation’s most dangerous cities.  Or, stereotypical dangerous.

You know, places you don’t want to walk around alone at night.  Because you know what’ll happen?

Either way, here’s how Wallethub broke down the numbers to come up with this year’s list.  They used 37 different metrics in all, such as personal/residential safety, financial safety, and road safety.

Overall, personal and residential safety ranked 2nd overall, which let us skyrocket straight to the top.  However, Connecticut came in 27th in financial safety.  So, there’s that.

But, our total scores came across pretty much in the middle of the pack, with road and work safety coming in 26th and 22nd.

As for who’s the safest state in the nation?  That honor goes to Vermont, who also came in 1st for personal and residential safety.   Maine, Massachusets, Minnesota and New Hampshire rounded out the top five.

Our neighbor, New York, fell out of the top 10 and came in 13th this year.

As for state who came in dead-last?  Unfortunately for Mississippi, they’re the most dangerous state in America.

Do you agree with the results?  Or, did Wallethub get it wrong?



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