It’s no secret that some states are better to retire in than others.  You gave your job your sweat, your blood, and your tears.   So, now it’s time to kick back and enjoy your golden years.

However, your might not want to enjoy your retirement in Connecticut. The Wilton Bulletin says our state is pretty terrible for retirees.

Our trusty and reliable friends over at Wallethub ranked all 50 states and named Connecticut as 4th worst overall.  They compared our collective financial burdens to the competition and, well, we didn’t have that much going for us.

Obviously, our exorbitant cost of living and healthcare were the proverbial concrete shoes dragging us down.  As for our worst offender?  It’s our taxes.  48th worst overall.

But, strangely, our lack of golf courses also helped us tumble to the end of the list.  Yeah, golf courses.  We’re 37th overall in “Golf Courses Capita.”   You hear that Connecticut?  Build more golf courses and the retirees will stay.  Kinda.

Also, air quality worked against us.  I mean, it’s to be expected since we’re the “Tailpipe of America.”  So, maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have that many golf courses.  You have to be outside for HOURS to play the game and our health department has a penchant for encouraging our “vulnerable” seniors to stay indoors.

Basically, Connecticut is a mess and it’s reflecting boldly and brightly in this new study.  We only outperformed Alaska (duh, it’s cold) and Rhode Island (it’s tiny) this year.

As for the best place to retire?  Surprising absolutely no one… is Florida.

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