When it comes to how much CT loves its country, it turns out that instead of removing our caps for the National Anthem… most of us would take a knee instead.  Yep, we’re one of the least patriotic states in America.

Fox 61 reports that our dear friends at Wallethub rounded up their annual patriotism report.  You know, just in time for the 4th of July!   And, while some states bleed red, white, and blue… CT bleeds just blue.

Yep, we’re the 45th most patriotic state in the nation.

So how did Wallethub conjure up their imaginary numbers this time around?  Well, they actually used concrete data to finalize their list.

They used governmental data such as veterans and active duty personnel per capita, as well as amount of active voters who cast ballots in the latest election.

From there, Wallethub created two key factors: Military Engagement Rank and Civic Engagement Rank.

Virginia, who scored the coveted title of ‘Most Patriotic’ state scored 5th with military and 10th with civic.

Meanwhile, we in CT earned 47th in military even though we’re basically the submarine capital of the world.  And, you know, we’re home to the Coast Guard Academy and several large naval bases.

That means we have very low military enlistees and veterans per capita.

However, our civic engagement rank managed to hit the upper half of the list and came in 18th.   That means a good chunk of us voted in the 2016 election and volunteer, such as joining the Peace Corps. At least we have that going for us.

Sure, Connecticut may be one of the oldest states and does have representation on the American Flag… but apparently that is all meaningless to us.  The first colonies as a whole seemingly hit the bottom of the list, with New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts all scoring in the bottom 5.

Some people were quick to point out that blue states tended to favor the bottom half of the list.  Whether or not politics does play a factor in dwindling patriotism has yet to be seen.

The data reflected military personnel and active voters.  So, going on that train of thought, Democrats vote less than Republicans.

Which is doubtful since Clinton scored about 2 million more votes than Trump in the last election.

So, until a study comes out that directly links political influence and patriotism, I’m gonna keep my hand out of that pickle jar.

That said, why do you think CT ranked so poorly in this patriotic roundup?  What makes a person patriotic, anyway?

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