It’s seems like Connecticut is on every list and always for something negative. But, on this list we actually aren’t that bad…

The personal finance website WalletHub released a list of 2015’s fattest states in America.

On it, Connecticut was 45 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.

YAAAAAAY we scored low overall, here’s how the state ranked in other categories, with 1 being TERRIBLE and 25 being average.

  • 43rd in percent of adults who are obese
  • 35th in percent of children who are overweight
  • 23rd in percent of children who are obese
  • 31st in percent of residents who are physically inactive
  • 39th in percent of residents with high cholesterol
  • 35th in percent of residents with diabetes
  • 36th in percent of residents with hypertension
  • 47th in death rate due to obesity



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