After all the whining and complaining about taxes, our politicians, traffic, and crime… CT doesn’t seem happy.  Surprisingly,  that’s not the case.  Actually, CT happens to be one of the THE HAPPIEST states in America.

NBC Connecticut reports that our friends over at Wallethub are back at it again with their ranking.  This time, instead of disparaging our financial health, they explored our feelings.  And, as it turns out, we’re pretty healthy on the emotional front.

Strange, isn’t it?  There’s actually other states that have it worse than us?  Inconceivable!  How is this possible?

So, here’s where we rank on this year’s survey.  First of all, we did go down a notch from last year’s pivotal rankings.  We fell to 18th place overall, so we’re still just above the middle of the pack.

As to what helped us in our positive ranking this year, here’s the major statistics Wallethub used to create their roundup.

The biggest data came from physical & mental health, work environment, and community & environment.  We ranked 15th, 40th, and 11th respectively.

Yeah, even Wallethub agrees our work environment leaves a lot to be desired.  It actually went down a spot from last year, too.  So, you can say it’s only going to get worse.

Other smaller data points came from suicide rates (5th lowest in the nation,) life expectancy, depression, sleeping patterns, and divorce rate.  On top of that, they also looked at commute to work (which probably did WONDERS for our score,) job security/satisfaction, sport participation, and physical health.  Overall, they used 28 key metrics to complete their pseudo-science study.

Yes, that’s a lot of factors.  But, they definitely helped tip the scale in our favor.  And we got to beat our neighbors, Massachusetts AND New York.  We easily beat Rhode Island because, really, that’s not hard.

However, we still lost some footing from a year ago.  Whether or not we’ll regain some ground next year is yet to be seen considering elections are just around the corner.  But, I can safely assume that if our overall financial obligations continue to rise, our happiness will continue to tank.

As for which state is the happiest?  That’s Minnesota.  Meanwhile, West Virginia takes home the trophy for being the most miserable.

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