I’m gonna start calling Connecticut the Debbie Downer state! Every single new survey that comes out seems to show Connecticut in a negative light…. Wallet Hub has done it again..this time Connecticut is the Least Fun State!!!

WalletHub.com released its list of the most fun states in the country.

Connecticut came in at 37 out of 50.

WalletHub said it compared the states across 22 indicators like movie costs, accessibility of national parks and casinos per capita.

For Connecticut, its “entertainment and recreation rank” was 35 and its “nightlife rank” was 40. (do they take in consideration that the state of Connecticut is super tiny…not like Rhode Island tiny..but tiny)

The top states for fun included Nevada, South Dakota and Colorado.

Seriously, Nevada…Sin City Las Vegas..of course it’s the most fun!!!! You can gamble all night and get a hooker and it’s completely LEGAL (well, the hooker thing is really only legal in one part of Nevada, but you get the point)…as for Colorado, Hellllllllllllo Marijuana is legal, you can toke whenever and where ever you want and the mountains are epic…as for South Dakota, they have Mount Rushmore and the Sturgis motorcycle rally!! That event has people coming out from all over to party and is one of the biggest events in South Dakota, I’ve watched Full Throttle Saloon, I see what happens there….It’s like mini Vegas

The least fun states were Alabama, West Virginia and Mississippi.

I guess, the problem that Connecticut has is…..we have nothing to offer to people outside the state. We don’t give any tourists a reason to come out other than passing through en route from Boston to NYC.  Maybe that’s what we need to fix. Once we do, We can make Connecticut great again…..(ughhhh, I’m mad at myself for even writing that)

To check out the complete results of the survey, head to WalletHub’s website here.

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