Connecticut sure likes to brag about how smart it is.  However, does the state actually hold the title of “most educated?”

Darien Daily Voice reports that the state did make the top 5 most educated states in the nation.  But, it didn’t nab the #1 spot as hoped.  That honor goes to Massachusetts.

Connecticut came in 3rd place in the latest Wallethub roundup, who also placed us behind Maryland.  However, when you see what criteria they used to determine this, it’ll make sense.

Basically, they based a state’s educated level on their overall percentage of graduate degree-holders.  Considering our northerly neighbors owns the title of “college capital of America,” it makes sense why they’re first.

Maryland’s proximity to Washington D.C. probably worked to their favor, too.

Still, coming in 3rd isn’t bad at all.  I find this material perfect pedestal material for our lawmakers to brag about.

So, here’s how the entire thing broke down:

We claim the third highest concentration of graduate or professional degree holders.  The state also has the 4th highest percentage of residents with a bachelor degree.   When looking at the quality of our universities, CT ranked 6th overall.

Also, when speaking about diversity, we seemingly failed in that sector.  CT earned the 2nd highest racial gap in education achievement.

Also, Wallethub marked us with the 5th highest gender gap in education attainment.

So, we definitely need to work on those if we wish to beat the rest of the competition.

Taking all of these factors, we scored a 71.90 out of 100.  MA earned a lofty 81.92.

When looking at the rankings charts, MA claimed first place in practically all divisions.

To read more about the report, click HERE.

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