Yikes… that’s a list no one wants to be on.  But, turns out some states have an issue when it comes to keeping their nose clean.  Thankfully, Connecticut isn’t all that sinful.

Well, kinda.

CT Post reports that Wallethub, surprisingly, didn’t bury us alive in their latest report.  Then again, they normally have an issue with us when it comes to reporting about our finances.

But, when it comes to health and keeping Jesus happy, we do a pretty decent job!

Wallethub studied 182 cities and ranked them based on several not-so-nice statistics.  They compared cities based on greed, jealousy, anger & hatred, lust, excesses & vices, vanity, and also laziness.  In other words, they looked at crime, fraud, obesity, casinos per capita… ect.

Actually, these guys went to town with this report!  They looked at everything from active tinder users per capita (lust) to amount of tanning salons (vanity.)

Surprisingly, when looking into New Haven and Bridgeport for violent crime, hate crime and sex offenders, they both ranked super low.  Surprising no one, on the other hand, is that Charleston, WV, made it to the top of that particular list.

So why did Connecticut rank dead last when it comes to sinning?  Well, for one, neither city owns a casino or has one nearby, so that helped our cause a little.    Apparently, gambling addiction costs about $6 billion per year, which affects criminal justice and health care.

That’s why New Haven ranked 101st and Bridgeport ranked 157th out of 182.  Not bad, am I right?

If you’re curious about how Wallethub broke their scores down, here’s how New Haven did:

36th in anger/hatred, 71st in jealousy, 110th in vices, 55th in greed, 133rd in lust, 167th in vanity, and 57th in laziness.

As for Bridgeport:

72nd for anger/hatred, 115th for jealousy, 144th for vices , 55th for greed, 152nd for lust, 178th for vanity and 123rd for laziness.

As for the “least sinful” city, the honor goes to South Burlington, VT.   As for the “most sinful?”  Well, there’s a reason why Las Vegas is called “sin city.”  In addition, the most cities making the top 10 just so happen to be in Nevada. (Louisiana and Florida tied for 2nd.)

So, if you need to get your sin, you know where to go.

Do you agree that Connecticut is the least sinful state?  If you were in charge of the rankings, which cities/states would make your top 10?

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