We are on another list…and it’s not a good list to be on. Connecticut is one of the worst states to make a living, according to Money-Rates.com.

MoneyRates evaluated several factors to determine where you could get the Biggest Paycheck…

It looked at average wages, state tax rates, cost of living, the unemployment rate and incidents of workplace illness, injuries and fatalities.

Connecticut ranked 41 out of all 50 states. UGGGGHH

The average yearly income was $55,060, its state income tax average was $2,578.30, the unemployment rate was 6.3 percent and its workplace incidents per 100 workers was 4.1.  It cited the high unemployment rate as the reason it landed in the bottom 10. Also, CT had the highest average wage in the country…but it wasn’t enough to make for the cost of living in the state.

The best state to work in????  It’s TEXAS!!!

To see a list here.

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