I’m into hype.  Most of the time I’m disappointed when someone claims that something new “is the best ever”, or “we’re on a wait list to get it”, or “it’s so new no one knows about it yet”.  So when I had a few people mention to me that they waited forty minutes in line for “the best ice cream in Connecticut”, I was intrigued.  There’s a million ice cream shops in the area, what’s so special about Fairfield’s Milkcraft?

“They have nitrogen made ice cream and Japanese bubble cones”.

I didn’t know what either of those things meant but I knew I had to try.  So I went and yes, there was a line out the door.  I didn’t wait that long, maybe fifteen minutes or so but I needed that time to digest what I was supposed to do there.  It’s not anything like a regular ice cream shop.  There are these futuristic mixers that randomly blow out white frozen smoke (clearly I know nothing about how nitrogen works) and the ice cream is made on the spot.  You can choose between getting a bubble cone which is ultimately a waffle in the shape of a cone, or a creameebun which is a donut that they shove ice cream into.

I was sold on both these options.

They have an entire menu of eclectic sounding combinations including everything from (you can guess what this is made of) Smores Campfire to Bourbon Breakfast (which is Madecasse vanilla bean ice cream, corn flakes, and a touch of Whistle Pig Maple Bourbon).

The use of nitrogen is supposed to make the ice cream creamier and because of all the hype, I assumed that the taste would never live up to what people had told me.  But it was good.  I take that back, it was great.

Perhaps the novelty of the soft serve, make it yourself, ice cream places are a dying fad- and now we eat nitrogen ice cream in hot waffles topped with cereal.  I am into this.  For once, when my daughter claims she wants ice cream, I’ll quickly grab the keys to go.

Is it cheap?  Not really.  I think my bubble cone ice cream was about $8, but by Fairfield County standards, not outrageous.  And I was stuffed when it was done.

Secretly and selfishly, I hope that they will slow down as the colder weather comes in so the wait times will disappear and I can easily shove a donut filled with ice cream into my mouth on the regular.

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