Each day we see more and more social media and networking sites come across our phone screens and laptops. But monkey see, monkey do. And that’s the root of it all.

Social media sites such as snapchat, instagram, and facebook are all photo displaying apps. This can go one of two ways. The first being that people get inspired, get new ideas, or find new desires they hadn’t known about. The other way is if people take all these photos they see of other people and use them to compare them to their own lifes, leading to a matter of security in oneself.

All over instagram you see models younger than you, or people whom have money to burn, etc, and that can lead to a sense of comparison between oneself and others which can only hurt your self esteem and progress into anxiety or depression. A study done on students of University of Pennsylvania showed results that students who limited their social media usage were overall more content with themselves and their lives than the average standard amount of social media usage between teens.

So keep your friends instagram handles and keep your favorite celebrities pages, but not so much that they start to make you question your own happiness.

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