It’s never a bad thing when Hollywood wants to do a bit of business in Connecticut.  It bolsters our tax base, increases tourism, and lets us bask in the limelight for a little while.  But when it’s a major title, like… say The Notebook 2, people tend to get a little crazy.

I mean, I still freak out when I see the Essex Steam Train on Indiana Jones 4.

Anyways, our collective excitement got the better of us again when fake headline maker WM21 News “confirmed” the The Notebook 2 was getting filmed in Middletown.

It felt like our prayers were finally answered!  The ever-so-popular chick flick from 2004 was finally getting its overdue sequel.  I totally get it, we as media consuming females are craving to see kissing in the rain and screaming on the big screen again. That’s REAL romance!

So, it was exciting enough that we finally had the sequel news of our dreams, but pairing that with filming set in Connecticut sealed the deal.

Unfortunately, as fake news goes, its sole purpose is to trick you.  Its entire purpose is to cater to your emotions  by the headline alone, so you’re more likely to share their cornucopia of lies.  The “news” practically demolished my Facebook feed.

Just like when the new Star Wars movie was going to be filmed in Connecticut.  We never learn, do we?

It’s a shame that it states right on WM21’s “about” page: is an entertainment website composed mostly of articles containing fantasy news or satire. Though some articles on contain actual events, none of the articles on should be considered true and are simply meant for entertainment purposes.

So, no, there’s no Notebook 2 (yet) and it’s not coming to Middletown.  Is there a possibility, though?

Sure!  Nicholas Sparks wrote a sequel, “The Wedding.”  In a year or two, you can bet it’ll become a movie.   Don’t get your hopes up that filming will be in Connecticut, though.  Chances are that South Carolina will be the setting once again, just like in the first movie.

But I guarantee you one thing: Hollywood was definitely behind this.  They wanted to test just how many of us wanted a sequel in the first place.  They definitely have their answer, so, I wager we’ll be hearing sequel news within the next six months.

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