Oh, OnlyInYourState… never change.  You are a great source of entertainment for us.  We especially live for your Yelp! inspired lists because they spawn a great deal of contention and debate.

Like, your infamous pizza roundup.  Who could forget that?

Anyways, it doesn’t hurt to mention the sole blogger representing our state happens to live in Iowa.  So, we’ve learned to take OIYS’s articles with a grain of salt.

If anything, they do inspire some pretty fascinating discussions.  However, their latest headline is a bit of a head-scratcher.

The website named Enfield the ice cream capital of the world.  What’s that I hear?  Oh, that’s a resounding amount of crickets chirping.  Okay.

So, the website lists Enfield’s numerous ice cream options (cough 3 cough,) which is supposedly qualification enough to earn the coveted ice cream title.

Oh, I’m not going to knock Enfield’s ice cream scene.  It’s pretty happening in my opinion.  Collins Creamery is delicious.

But, OnlyInYourState is equating quantity, not quality, as means for being an ice cream capital.

Which is only slightly confusing considering one can find more fro-yo and ice cream bars on Main Street in Middletown.  Alone.

There’s 0degree Thai Ice Cream, FroYo of Middletown, FroYo World, CherryBerry Yogurt Bar, Yogurtlicious, and Vecchitto Italian Ice.  I’m pretty sure I’m missing someone, but then again I haven’t walked down Main Street for about a year so the memory is a bit hazy.

Anyways, I commend OnlyInYourState for generating a decent clickbait headline.  However, I’m fairly sure it’ll spawn more echoes of dissent than agreement.

So, I ask you, if you could name one town or city Connecticut’s ice cream capital, who’s your pick?  Because… summer is coming and the idea of an ice cream tour sounds like a fantastic plan.

What do you think? Comment below