There’s one thing Connecticut loves above all else.  And that is food.  Especially when it involves breakfast.

Delish claims to have pinpointed CT’s best breakfast joint.   Unfortunately, I never dined at this place.  So, I really can’t give much critique here.

So, major kudos to American Pie Company in Sherman.  Apparently, you’re the best breakfast spot in CT!

However, the review Delish uses to justify their reasoning makes no sense to me.  They highlight the chicken pot pie, which, to me, is not a breakfast food.

Or even a brunch food.

But, all right.  If they say it’s good, it must be good.   A thousand people can’t all be lying to me.  Can they?

On FourSquare (which Delish used to compile their list,) American Pie Company claims to have a near perfect score of 8.9/10 stars.   Other ranking sites, even Yelp! and Google, give this place similar high marks.

So, their credibility’s consistent across all the boards.  Obviously, this place resonates with those who choose to eat there.

Most people rave about the large portions and, obviously, their pies.  American Pie Company’s bakery got a few nods, too.

Also, several reviews mentioned banana foster french toast and eggs Benedict.  Okay, that’s all I needed to hear.  I’m so there next weekend.  Gotta try this place for myself.

Have you eaten at American Pie Company?  Is it worth the hype?  If it is, tell me what I should order so I can mercilessly Instagram it when it comes served to me on a piping hot plate.

So, until that happens, my vote for best breakfast joint currently stays with my two favorite spots.  Hey, it’s a tie.  I love them both equally.

Don’t make me choose.  You can’t make me.

My breakfast loves are ORourke’s in Middletown or Cristy’s Madison.  The latter, unfortunately, kinda almost burned down in February.  So, okay, one is technically my top pick for the moment.

So, I have to wait a bit before biting into one of Cristy’s delicious pancakes or helping myself to their incredible mimosas again.

Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy my Brian’s Breakfasts.

So, what’s your go-to breakfast joint?  What place reigns supreme?

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