Now that summer’s here, lay on all those ice cream roundups!  It seems like every week there’s a new favorite, which isn’t a bad thing.  However, when a national foodie website weighs in, you tend to take their findings seriously.

Thrillist issued their latest roundup detailing the best ice cream shops per state.  But, their answer might just be the most popular one.  Because out of all lists, they picked one that tends to reign supreme in the comments section.

So, a hearty congratulations to Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown!  Although this place can trace its roots all the way back to the 1700’s, it’s only been in operation since 2003.

Still, that doesn’t stop three generations of the family from scooping ice cream for thousands of happy customers.   Plus, their menu is out of this world.

They offer some of the most creative flavor combos, too, from cinnamon ice cream drizzled in caramel sauce to Banana Cream Pie.

Seriously, have you seen their Instagram?   It’s absolutely delightful.

And their menu expands far beyond just ice cream.  Their sundaes attract major buzz every year, including their new one: The Rooster Tail.


Doesn’t that look absolutely dreamy?  Because that looks out of this world.

Also, you can choose to eat your ice cream while sitting next to one of the farm’s iconic cows.    They’re friendly, don’t worry!  So feel free to give them some pets and words of encouragement for doing such a great job in boosting moo-rale.


Anyways, you can visit Ferris Acres during the spring and summer seasons, but they stay open while its warm and while supplies last.

So, if you’re hankering for some fresh homemade ice cream and feel like taking a road trip, head on over to Ferris Acres Creamery.  Plus, you get to enjoy the scenic views from the antique farm.  It’s an experience all in itself.

Catch them on beautiful Route 302 in Newtown, open every day between 11am and 10pm.

Also, one more thing.  Thrillist mentioned another CT Boom favorite to explain why it didn’t make the list.   Sorry to all you Rich Farm fans.  Since it opened up a SoCal location, it’s technically no longer a Connecticut creamery.

So, did Thrillist get it right?  Or is there another ice cream location that deserves the honor?

What do you think? Comment below