I scream, you scream, we all scream because we can’t agree on whose ice cream should reign supreme!

With it being the summer season and us currently trapped in a mini-heatwave, slopping down some ice cream sure sounds like a fantastic idea right now.  But, where is the best place in Connecticut to get our icy creamy fix?

According to Buzzfeed, it’s Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown.

Summoning the holy powers of Yelp!, Buzzfeed chose not to step foot in the state to come to this very important conclusion.  They may have inevitably caused the next great CT Boom debate, also.  I mean, Buzzfeed can’t really dole out this sort of proclamation without at LEAST giving it the good ol’ American taste test.  That’s just rude!  Plus, they wasted a perfectly good chance to EAT. ICE CREAM.  Who passes on such an amazing opportunity?

That’s like compiling a list that names the best radio station of every state and strictly going by Facebook likes.  This is like the least scientific list ever.

So, do you agree with Buzzfeed or did they get this 50 flavors of wrong?


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