Connecticut is an interesting state. In fact, one might argue that for its size, it’s the most interesting state. One would lose that argument, but they might try it nonetheless.

And here at CT Boom, we’ve covered a fair bit of what makes Connecticut so interesting. There are our claims to the first flight, first burger, and first NCAA basketball team to win 96 (and counting) consecutive games. There are our inventions of the can opener, the Scoville scale for spiciness, and the country’s best pizza (see: Pretty Much Any Place in New Haven). Even our resounding “success” when it comes to being the worst state in the country is interesting.

So when I come across a video dubbed “An Interesting Fact About Every State In The Union,” I expect to be wowed. Connecticut has enough history at this point that there’s probably plenty of good nuggets that even lifelong Nutmeggers aren’t familiar with.

And so I watched the video. I watched for 11 minutes, absorbing interesting but otherwise useless information about states like Nevada and Idaho. I waited and waited, eagerly looking forward to what they digged up about Connecticut. And then, the moment arrived:

If you missed that, they covered Connecticut Lake (in New Hampshire, doesn’t count). They mention the Connecticut River and the state being named after it (duh, we all know that). And for their crescendo? Bradley International Airport is the country’s smallest airport to have a direct flight to Europe.

That’s it.

What gives, man? We know that Connecticut isn’t the biggest state or the most popular state or the state that anyone really cares about until they’re stuck driving through it. But if you’re going to put us that deep into a video and make us sit through 11 minutes of Not-Connecticut stuff, the least you could do is dig up something better than “your airport is small but lets you fly to Ireland without a layover.”

Not only isn’t that all that “interesting,” but we already knew about it! CT Boom covered that fact more than four months ago when the flights started.

So maybe revisit the whole Connecticut fact part of your video. We were one of the original colonies! There’s gotta be something in America’s history that tops Bradley’s direct flights to Ireland. Or, if there really isn’t, at least have the decency to put it in the first 30 seconds and get the disappointment over with earlier.

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