I wish there were more GOOD bagel places in Connecticut. And by GOOD, I mean NYC good. Outstanding, soft, & delicious. The kind of bagel that makes you believe in life again when you’re hungover on a Sunday morning. That kinda bagel.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good places, but just not enough and not really up to my standard. Sorry, I’m a bagel snob, I lived in Brooklyn for a couple years, so it’ s not my fault that I have high expectations.

I was deep into food stalking on Instagram the other day and I found a picture of a bagel that made my mouth water. It looked PERFECT. I swear, a single tear streamed down my face. WHERE IS THIS BAGEL PLACE!?

Brookside Bagels in Simsbury, CT. I immediately looked it up on Yelp and the reviews confirmed my suspicions: I may have found the best bagel place in CT. So I want to hear straight from you.. Have you been!? I must know if it’s as good I think it is.

Check out some of the photos: you will get hungry!!

Dutch apple bagel!??

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Cheddar Bagel!?

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