Tale as old as time is the good old screaming and chanting and roar of adolescent voices on the night of any given high school sports game. However, the only circumstances that can make the noise that spurts from the sea of kids decked out in their high school apparel even louder is if that said group of students is playing their crosstown rivals.

The town of Fairfield must put something in the water pipes the night of Warde versus Ludlowe Basketball game. You can’t drive past either High School without being hit with a mob of blue or red shirts and teenagers in cars packed full of fellow fanatics honking about under the lights in the parking lot. The energy is close to that of a puppy when its owner comes home from a long day of work.

An out-of-towner could look across the court and be astonished by how one refs circular arm motion indicating the opposing team had traveled with the basketball could release ear piercing screams and rumbles much like a stampede from the High School students. There’s really nothing like it.

The only thing stronger than that energy is the moment the clock strikes 0.00 and the town victor rushes the court.

If you are ever feeling tired or in need of a pick me up and the regular cup of Joe is too boring for you, find a good old high school sports game and you will never believe you were ever tired in the first place.

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