Movoto is a real estate website that also like to release cool lists and infographics. Most of the time they are spot-on but their recent list about dating a CT native has me scratching my head. Take a look. Here is a sampling of their “10 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From Connecticut”

1. Nutmeggers Are Masters Of The Snuggling Arts Known As “Connecticuddling” – Are they serious? Does anyone use that term or did they just make it up? They had to make it up, right? Any person who used that term in real conversation would get slapped, wouldn’t they?

5. Not To Brag But A Nutmegger Is Always The Best Dressed Person In The Room – Clearly this writer has never gone to any of the fairs or festivals in our great state.

6. Folks In Connecticut Will Take You On Epic Holi-Dates – And here is write-up for this one.
“Around any number of holidays (particularly Christmas and Valentines Day) the Metro North Train that takes Connecticut commuters back and forth to NYC turns into the “train of love.”

Cute Connecticut couples who want to get the perfect picture kissing with the tree at Rockefeller Center in the background and fall all over each other while ice skating—all aboard!”

If your idea of romance includes looking like a tourist then by all means this applies to you. Just don’t lump the entire state into this terrible cliche.

Feel free to check out the rest of the list and see if any of it actually applies to you.

Via Movoto

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