The guys from AC/DC have been in the news a lot lately (…and not all of it good). They released their first single in nearly a decade a few weeks ago, their drummer Phil Rudd was arrested on a murder-for-hire plot (with charges dropped about 24 hours later – but he’s still got some legal problems), and we know that in addition to the new album, a full tour should be announced shortly.

But until we find out what 2015 plans the guys from AC/DC make that are official, they’ve been kind enough to release the music video for the aforementioned first single “Play Ball” off of the new album “Rock or Bust.”

And it is comically bad.

Seriously, this is something you’d expect to find on Adult Swim – it’s as if someone put together something that makes fun of cheap, early ’80s music videos – but it’s done with total seriousness.

You might say that they just don’t care, or that they’re trying to be funny about it. Trust me – it didn’t work. Watch it yourself and see if you don’t agree:

BONUS! There’s even a behind-the-scenes look! Yep, this was made with 100% earnestness:

Image: PR Photos

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