It’s the big question on everyone’s mind.  What happened?  Where’s our promised Armageddon?

Sure, yesterday’s blizzard was technically the worst storm of the season.  I mean, we’re still dealing with the aftermath.  No one enjoys slippery roads and train delays.  No one.  And that’s terrible.

Still, people are upset that the storm didn’t do what the media said it would.  But, to be completely honest, I think we’re okay with that.  Sure, we were again whipped into a frenzy and desolated grocery stores across the state.

That whole “storm of the century” talk gets us every time… doesn’t it?

Anyways, so here’s what the latest blizzard did.  First of all: schools are still closed.  To me, that means the roads are in no shape to host a swath of school buses and soccer moms.

Good news: most us missed that dreaded 2 feet of snow.  Bad news: some places in the state weren’t as lucky.

Fairfield Daily Voice had the snow numbers from Fairfield County and, well, they were pretty impressive.

“New Fairfield: 20.4 inches
Monroe: 16.0 inches
Newtown; 12.5 inches
New Canaan: 11.6 inches
Weston: 11.2 inches
Shelton: 10 inches
Greenwich: 10 inches
Bridgeport Airport: 7.1 inches of snow
Bridgeport Airport: 1.52 inches of rain”

The winds weren’t so friendly either.  The gusts were nuts!  Imagine trying to get into your car while the wind was howling.  Yeah, happened to me.  It was the most embarrassing way I have ever hit my head.

Anyways, the biggest worry is over whether or not winter has taken its final bow.

So, I’d like to say a resounding and enthusiastic YES to that.  But, we do know better.  It’s New England, after all.  The weather has a mind of its own around here.

Anyway,  I think winter’s days are numbered.  We’re already seeing temperatures return to the 40’s.  Not to mention that the days are getting longer.

But, considering how relatively calm this season has been.  Well, with the exception of a handful of storms.  Then again,  we bounced back literally the day after.  Warm weather returned immediately every single time and melted all the damage.

So, I think we can safely hang up the shovel.  For now.  Just because.

Might as well store it in an easy-to-find location just in case Mother Nature decides to shake things up again.

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