The common cold is an incredible nuisance. Every winter, I have to restock my house on advil, various forms of nasal sprays and Dayquil, and metric tons of tissues. The hunt for a cure has been a long and storied one, unfortunately with no proven solution in sight.

But this week our very own Yale University scored one for those of us trying to prevent the common cold from infecting us. According to WTNH, researchers at Yale found that lower temperatures don’t just correlate with the common cold, but that they can actually be a causal factor in getting sick.

As it turns out, when it’s chilly outside, our body isn’t as good as producing virus-fighting enzymes or at killing off infected cells, thereby letting the common cold get stronger while our defenses are at their weakest.

To those of us who deal with common cold every year, this seems pretty obvious. It gets cold outside and we know that we’re probably going to be blowing our noses soon. But now we not only have the science to prove that, but we also know how we can fight back.

Since the lower temperatures are actively making us weaker, we just need to bundle up better. Wear appropriate layers. Buy a scarf and use it to cover your nose and mouth. And, just to be safe, wash your hands a ton.

I know we have what feels like forever until winter is back in town, but you’re better off preparing now while winter supplies are at their cheapest. No one wants to get gouged for $50 for a scarf.

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