Wait, how did we beat MA and NY?  Apparently we have the worst drivers in all of America and that completely boggles my mind.

Fox 61 reports that the 2018 EverDrive Safe Driving Report put or state at the bottom of the list.  They also gave us a near-failing grade on our overall driving score.  We earned a 71.6 percent on our driving score because our drivers speed too much and use their cellphones behind the wheel.

Yep.  So it has nothing to do with our ability to drive (or lack thereof.)  Distracted driving and our love of going over the speed limit sealed our fate this year.

It also doesn’t help that the study identified speeding as the most dangerous driving habit.  The second deadliest habit was, as expected, distracted driving.

34 percent of Connecticut drivers use cell phones behind the wheel while 56 percent of them speed.

Which, if you think about it, is a pretty deadly combo. Huh.

Rhode Island came in 49th place this year for having the worst drivers, beating us by a fraction of a percentage point.

The study also found that states with more distracted driving laws fared better on the list this year.  Only 15 sates ban hand-held phones, cell phones for novice drivers, and texting behind the wheel.

24 states only banned two of the three while nine states only banned one.  Only two states had no distracted driving laws whatsoever.

Ironically, though, CT has all three laws in place.  So, really, we just really excel at breaking the mold here.  On one hand, we have some of the strictest laws.  On the other, we still have the worst drivers in the nation.

Anyways, with that said, midwestern states had the safest drivers in the country.  They also, unsurprisingly, had the strictest distracted driving laws.

However, the state also found no gender difference in driving skills.  Both men and women abused hand held technology equally behind the wheel.  However, nearly half of all distracted driving infractions came from drivers 18 and younger, at 47 percent.

So how did this study come to be?  EverQuote analyzed 781 million miles of driving data collected from its driving app, EverDrive.   The app measures speed and frequency of phone use while behind the wheel.   It also connects to a driver’s GPS and determines acceleration/hard braking during the drive.

The app then tells the driver how they did by grading them between 0 and 100.

Seth Birnbaum, CEO & Co-Founder of EverQuote, urges drivers to put their app on their phone:

“However, we believe that our safe driving app, EverDrive, is one type of technology that can help curb distracted driving. Using apps like EverDrive that monitor and record unsafe driving behavior create more aware drivers and, ultimately, we hope that awareness spurs change. Additionally, we believe that pairing this type of technology with stricter distracted driving laws could help reduce phone use while driving.”

9 people die every day and over 1,000 sustain injuries due to distracted driving.   The statistic seemingly rises year after year.

CT’s death toll on the highways goes up every year, too.  That’s why EverQuote recommends parents putting their app on their teenagers phones so they can monitor their driving habits.

In short, they believe this app will teach drivers good habits to take on the road and reduce future accidents.

But, what do you think?  Does CT deserve to have the worst drivers in America or is there another state with even worse drivers than us?

Also, how do you think we can stop distracted driving from becoming an even bigger issue?   April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so police officers are out heavily enforcing state laws.

However, do you think police should be doing this every month and not just throughout April?

What do you think? Comment below