The nation finally woke up and realized what we knew all along.  Governor Malloy is, indeed, the worst governor in America.

CT News Junkie reports that the latest Morning Consult Poll confirmed it.  With a 21 percent approval rating, Malloy sinks even further than Brownback ever did.  As for the nation’s most popular governor?  That would be Charlie Baker, a Republican, serving as Governor of the most liberal state in America.  His approval rating stands at 71 percent.

Actually, the 10-most liked governors in the nation are all Republican.  So, think about that.

Then again, not that long ago, the least liked governor in America was also a Republican.

However, Malloy has ways to go before taking the lowest approval rating award from Chris Christie.  The former New Jersey gov earned a whopping 15 percent approval rating before leaving office.

We still have plenty of time to see if Malloy bests that personal record.  If he rams tolls down our throats, you bet his approval rating will sink into the single digits.

Especially once people realize just how many tolls this man plans on putting all over the state.  There’s still some people out there who honestly think our lawmakers will only put tolls on the borders…

However, Malloy’s transgressions go far beyond just tolls.   Heck, this man orchestrated the two largest tax hikes in history and the state managed to spin into a major deficit.  On top of that, he searched for new items to tax when those hikes didn’t work, such as petitioning to have a $1 a month surcharge on cell phone bills.

This man also riled up opponents by consistently refusing to take blame and accept responsibility… AKA qualities a true leader exhibits.  Instead, he blamed GE for leaving and then his predecessors for everything that went wrong in our state.

And, when our state made history for failing to pass a state budget, he VETOED the first one that wound up on his desk.  Because his own political party didn’t create it.

But, Malloy proved time and time again he’s not partisan.  He’s only looking out for himself, as demonstrated by his consistent resistance to legalizing marijuana when it’s his OWN PARTY that pushes for it.

Or, more importantly, when he unleashed a terrible amount of cuts that cost the state an insurmountable number of state jobs.  Democrats around the nation publicly ridiculed him for that move.

But, those words of warning fell on deaf ears because he thought he was being attacked again.

Which explains why roughly 72 percent of CT firmly disapproves of the bang-up job he’s done in Hartford.  But that number in February was 68 percent.  Which means he’s lost another 4 percent of residents since then.

Which means, he manages to piss off an average of 2 percent of voters every month.  But then again, what else are the people to feel when their own lawmakers constantly ignore their concerns?

We elected a despot.  Twice.  But, then again, we might have been seeing a different man in office had those mountains of “undisclosed bags of votes” shown up.  Imagine how different Connecticut would be if we didn’t elect theworst governor in America a second time.

People feel, in abundance, that Malloy failed Connecticut.  He took the nation’s richest state, wiped his butt with it, and flushed it down the toilet.  He broke laws where he could, pointed fingers whenever he felt attacked, and jumped on social issues to make himself look good instead of actually doing something about it.

Whenever a national tragedy came up, we literally counted the seconds before Malloy found a hot microphone to whine into.  He’d throw out some juicy quotes, make national headlines as an expert because of Sandy Hook, and refuse to lead by taking action.

But, that’s all he was really good for.   Heck, he never should be seen as an expert on education at all.

We forget that before Sandy Hook, he mercilessly attacked teachers because he had some mean ones when he was in school.

Look, I had some pretty awful teachers growing up, but it didn’t make me want to unleash a vendetta on ALL teachers.  The actions of the few, to me, don’t define the majority.

Basically, we elected a bag of hot air.  This guy should have been working in front of a used car dealership.  Why we put him in office when Stamford, where he once served as Mayor,  warned us not to trust him is beyond me.

All in all, it’s super easy to see how Malloy became the worst governor in America.   He a mess in this state no one knows how to get out of.  People now think we should just let CT declare bankruptcy as a whole and rebuild from there.

This state consistently hiked taxes every year, yet the money ran out faster every time.  People are suspicious.  They’re angry.  But, most of all, they feel betrayed.

We trusted Malloy with our state, which was once the envy of the nation, and look what he did to it.

It’s all you, Malloy.  You had 8 years to make this state better, but you squandered it.   And you blamed everyone except yourself when things didn’t go your way.

My advice?  Accept that you are the worst governor in America and fight like hell to make amends before you leave office… and the state.

Because we all know you sure as hell aren’t going to live here after what you did.

Anyways, how much lower will Malloy’s approval rating get before November?  Any guesses?

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