With the sun out and Summer officially beginning, it’s time for everyone to clean out their houses and put their mostly useless garbage out on the front law in order to sell it to other people for reasonable prices.

They’re called yard sales, or tag sales, or garage sales, depending on who’s running the show. And soon enough, they’re going to be everywhere. Painfully neon-colored signs will be stapled to every telephone pole you see. The masses will huddle around these signs to try and decipher the date, time, and location that have been scrawled in horrendous Sharpie handwriting. And even the most strong-willed of us will be tempted to find a bargain end table or vintage lamp for their living room.

But if you’re convinced that you don’t want to do any tag sales (or yard sale or garage sale) shopping until you’ve found yourself the best garage sale (or tag sale or yard sale) there is, you can end your search right now. We found it. There’s lots of stuff. Everything is a dollar. And the weather is guaranteed to be good.

Unfortunately, it’s in California, but after watching this video, it’s hard to not want fly across the country to check it out anyway. Kudos to you, EVERYTHING’S A DOLLAR Garage Sale Guys, you won tag sale (or yard sale or garage sale) season before it even began.

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