There is truly nothing more aggravating or worse than stupid cyclists on the roads. Unless you live in New York City there is no reason you need to be riding bikes on main roads in traffic. New York cyclists are the exception because they know what they’re doing. But here in Connecticut, there is no room for bicycles. Get off the main roads or go ride in a park somewhere.

To make things even more infuriating, this week the General Assembly gave final approval to a bill that will increase the fines for drivers who seriously injure or kill “vulnerable users” (read: dumb cyclists) here in Connecticut. You will now get hit with fines up to $1,000 if you are a driver convicted of failing to use “reasonable care” with pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians I get. People need to walk. People don’t NEED to bike.

The quotes from the reps behind the bill are unbelievable. Such gems as this one from Rep. Roland Lemar, D-New Haven.  “For too long, pedestrians and cyclists felt they were second-class citizens,”  Yes Roland, they are second class citizens if they are on a dumb bike on a main road. Get a car.

Rep. Gail Lavielle, R-Wilton, has this to say in response to roads that are heavily wooded,  “It’s very difficult when you’re trying to ride a bicycle or walk on these roads,” . Oh, is it Gail? You know what’s not hard? Driving a CAR on those roads. Roads were created for vehicles. Sidewalks were created for walking.

The real fines they should be putting into place are to cyclists getting in the way of the flow of traffic. Unless the state plans on putting in real bike paths on every road in Connecticut, NO MORE BIKES!


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