We all know how delicious Jersey Mike’s Subs are, and now on March 27th, they are holding their Day of Giving!

100% of total proceeds will go to local charities. 100%! This is HUGE. You always hear about 10% goes, or 20%, but they’ve raised the bar to the highest possible amount.

This has been going on for 9 years now, where March is their Month of Giving. Every single day in March, there are donation boxes through out the store and customers are encouraged to drop a few dollars off to help the charity of choice for that store.

Those dollars go towards hospitals, youth organizations, food banks, and so much more, and those are all right in your community!

Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving raised an incredible $9 million dollars last year, and they’re hoping to break that record this year.

If you want a taste of what their Day Of Giving is like, check out the video here and be sure to stop by Jersey Mike’s tomorrow and grab a sub!

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