Get ready for the Green Party.

Presidential nominee, Jill Stein, is landing in CT this Thursday to speak at Windham Town Hall in Willimantic.  The speech, which is geared toward resolving the student debt crisis, is scheduled to begin at 6pm.

Green Party coordinator Cora Santaguida sent out a press release that touched upon the details of Stein’s planned visit, writing, “Stein says that students and youth are the ones that we must support in building a more just future in our country.”

With Baby Boomers hitting their golden years and heading towards retirement, the next generation is getting ready to step up as the nation’s leaders.  However, with a limping housing market, sky-high cost of living expenses, and massive student debt – Generation X and Millennials are off to a very rough start.

But Santaguida is certain that the younger vote can truly change this country, “If all the 43 million persons with student debt voted for the only candidate that wanted to cancel student debt, Dr. Stein could win the election with a voting plurality.”

With Jill Stein and Gary Johnson polling at record numbers, it’s possible that the United States could see its first non-Republican or non-Democrat President in nearly 200 years.

Stein ran in the 2012 Presidential election and took home only .36 percent of the vote.  Now, she is polling at 3.2 percent.  She still has ways to go due to the insane amount of obstacles both parties are throwing directly onto her path.

Let’s be real here, the vast majority of the nation is unsatisfied with who we have running for President.  We are also tired of the fear-mongering discourse of “any vote not for Hillary is a vote for Trump.”

Like, thanks for the thought policing, people.  1984 called and wants its plot back.

It’s evident that the good people of the United States want to see the two party monopoly end.  Voters are ready for real change and feel that these lesser-known “others” will represent them.

So, if you are part of the population that hopes to see the two-party system come to a very satisfying end, you can see one of the candidates leading the charge this Thursday at Windham Town Hall at 6pm.

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