People swear by the lottery, and certainly have their particular quirks with the scratch offs as well!

Jim Zygmont is one of those lucky few who just can’t seem to lose! He was on the Anna and Raven Show talking about his experience, and he revealed that-

“Once I hit on the 20X card for $20,000, I texted my wife saying that I had hit! She misread it as I only won $200. Not even¬† 7 minutes later, I texted her again saying I hit $20,000 AGAIN!”

That’s right. Not only did Jim fulfill everyone’s dream of winning enough money that there’s a comma in the total amount, he did it twice, in just SEVEN MINUTES!

Jim’s been playing scratch offs for many years, and always plays the 20X multiplier. He’s won many, many, MANY times. If you want to hear the tips that Jim has when it comes to playing the lottery, the interview with Anna and Raven can be heard here.


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