This morning I had my daily dose of feeling old when I read that Saved By The Bell originally aired 25 years ago. WHAT?! I feel like it was just last week that I was watching Zach and Slater piss off Mr. Belding with their shenanigans in the hallways of Bayside High. Unreal.

That’s why when Jimmy Fallon decided to bring back a majority of the cast (and the set!) for a sketch on the Tonight Show last night I nearly lost my mind.



Can we talk about how all of them (especially Mario Lopez aka A.C. Slater) look like they haven’t aged a day since 1990 while Mr. Belding just looking the size of a planet. WTF?!

Even the story line they came up with the whole “referencing the future” bit for this is brilliant. Jimmy being in high school at Bayside, but moving to become a comedian in New York and be in SNL. Amazing. Also a fantastic Showgirls jab at Jesse Spano by Zach Morris.

Thank you for that, Jimmy. Just a perfect recreation of the magic that was Saved By The Bell. The “Save The Max” sign was a nice touch.

I may even bust out the DVDs and get lost in YouTube clips this weekend for a SBTB marathon.


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