Ever since Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show hosting duties he has become the king of viral video sketches. He has single highhandedly made it the standard for late night television. If you don’t have funny compelling shareable content you’re out of the game.

Jimmy’s latest sketch is one that seems like a product of his years on SNL. Jimmy and Tonight Show guest Gabrielle Union play two high school principals trying to spice things up with the ‘musical morning announcements’ using songs from current artists like Rihanna, The Weeknd and Walk The Moon.



The video is funny on it’s own. But there is also an interesting Connecticut connection.¬†Turns out that the stock image of the school at the very beginning is actually the front of Thompson School in West Haven. This is at least according to the comments on the video from these Facebook sleuths.



Pretty neat. And good detective work Megan and Gina!


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