If you’ve been on the last 3 years, you know that HBO’s Last Week Tonight has grabbed roughly 75% of the internet’s most hyperbolic headlines. That’s a made up statistic, but it feels true.

Every Monday, after the Sunday’s Last Week Tonight episode, the internet would fawn over host John Oliver’s signature long-form monologue that focused on one topic of the show’s choosing. Here’s a sampling of those headlines:

“John Oliver Tears FIFA Apart, Calls It Cartoonishly Evil”

“Watch John Oliver Verbally Pants Dr. Oz Over Dietary Supplements”

“John Oliver Skewers Obama Over Iraq Tone”

“John Oliver Brilliantly Eviscerates Police Militarization in Ferguson”

But now Oliver is taking a break from verbally annihilating whatever is on the front page, and he’s doing it so that he can come to Connecticut and make you laugh, live, in person, on a stage at Foxwoods Resort & Casino!

That’s right: The guy who interviewed Edward Snowden, set up a real tax-exempt fake church, and bought $15 million of debt just to forgive it, is going to be performing at Foxwoods this winter, and tickets go on sale this week!

So whether you know John Oliver from his years on The Daily Show, his stunts on Last Week Tonight, or just the crazy headlines you’ve seen online, you won’t want to miss his only stand-up show in New England this year! Tickets go on sale Friday at 10AM, so get them while they last!

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