The juice is loose!  Well, by juice if you mean hot tub and by hot tub you mean rampant political corruption.  Anyways, infamous former Governor John Rowland will head out of his jail cell earlier than expected.

Fox 61 reports that the two-time convicted felon might walk free come May 2018.  So, who wants to be the welcome wagon for when this disgraced man makes his way home?  Any takers?

Yeah, I guess no one’s ready to forgive his betrayal of our trust.  Even with Governor Malloy doing his damnest to supersede both Rowland and Weicker as being the worst… chances of him catching up are slim to none.  Rowland simply can’t be beat.

Because this guy went to prison… twice.  First time for rampant corruption in office and the 2nd for a sham political consulting contract.  Ergo, Rowland can technically be classified as a stupid, stupid man.

But, no one knows WHY he managed to earn early release.  Also, no one knows if he’ll finish up his sentence at a  halfway house, either.  All we know is that he will not spend 2.5 years behind bars as previously thought.

A year ago, a Supreme Court upheld the disgraced politician’s public corruption charges.

Rowland served as governor from 1995 to 2004.  In the beginning, people once believed he had a legitimate shot at the White House.  Man, how the times change.

So, why do you think Rowland will walk early?  Will he go to a halfway house or did he basically earn his freedom back?

Either way, do you think he’ll live out his days quietly in CT or will he find a new way to land himself back in prison?

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